Full name:
Shanina Tatyana

Executors, Law-destroyers

Professional field/official position/biography:

Judge of the Meshchansky District Court of the city of Moscow.

SHANINA, Tatyana Viktorovna (b. 1978) worked as a justice of the peace at the judicial sector #382 of the Krasnoselsky district of Moscow from January 2013 to February 2014. By decree of the President of the Russian Federation #41 dated January 30, 2014, Shanina was appointed to the post of judge of the Meshchansky District Court of Moscow.

Accused of:

Carrying out political repressions using her official position.

Judge Shanina took part in the Moscow Case, a politically motivated criminal prosecution of opposition activists who protested in the summer of 2019 against the prohibition of independent candidates from running in the Moscow City Duma elections. On December 6, 2019, the judge of the Meshchansky District Court Tatyana Shanina sentenced activist Vladimir Emelyanov to 2 years of probation “for assaulting Rosguard / police officers.” Note that Emelyanov was detained at the time when the police beat activists Boris Kantorovich and Inga Kudracheva, which Emelyanov tried to stop. The defendant was found guilty under Part 1 of Art. 318 of the Criminal Code for pulling on the uniform of an officer of the Russian Guard, Kosov, allegedly causing him physical and moral pain.

The judge refused to grant the defense's applications and conduct an experiment. Emelyanov’s attorney Grigory Chervonny showed the court a bulletproof vest, similar to what was worn on the injured policeman. Chervonny said that the lawyers conducted an experiment with this vest: they asked some volunteers to put it on themselves, and others to grab them from behind by the vest and pull. According to the lawyer, the volunteers did not experience any pain from this. Attorney Chervonny suggested conducting the same experiment in the courtroom. As volunteers, he offered attendees in the hall or the same riot policeman Kosov. However, the judge did not allow the experiment in court.

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