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Povetkin Alexander Vladimirovich



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Russian athlete, professional boxer competed in the heavy weight category. Winner of numerous boxing titles in Russian and international tournaments.

Alexander Povetkin was born in Kursk. He is the son of the Kursk criminal authority, racketeer Vladimir Povetkin, known in criminal circles as "Vovsya". Vladimir Povetkin is called the patriarch of the Kursk racket, he once served time in a prison, his organized crime group controlled many business areas in Kurs, including working with a local nuclear power plant.

The promoter of Alexander Povetkin, the head of the company «World of Boxing», Andrei Ryabinsky is also known for his criminal connections. So among his business partners are the leader of the Podolsk organized crime group Sergey Lalakin (Luchok), the leader of the Balashikha organized crime group Anatoly Petrov (Petrukha), the leader of the Solntsevo organized criminal group Sergey Mikhailov (Mikhas), another "authoritative member" of the Balashikha organized criminal group Vladimir Kanzel (Francuz). However, ties with the criminal community do not prevent him from concluding government contracts with the National Guard of Russian Federation at the same time.

It is not known who exactly, Povetkin's father or his promoter (or maybe both) introduced Alexander to Luchko, but in the future they repeatedly appeared together in photographs. Sergei Lalakin has been in charge of the Podolsk organized criminal group for over 30 years. The gang committed many crimes: banditry, racketeering, murders, "black" raider seizures, fraud. However, during his life, perhaps due to corrupt ties with the authorities, or perhaps due to the fact that Lalakin himself was recruited by the special services and acted in conjunction with them, he was never prosecuted. However, Povetkin is not embarrassed by such a person in his environment.

Alexander's life is not limited to sports achievements and communication with bandits.
Povetkin has very definite political views, which are expressed in support of the ruling course of Putin and the Party «United Russia». So in 2006, Povetkin became a member of the Kursk Regional Duma from «United Russia». In 2018, he became Putin's confidant in the presidential election.

With the start of the invasion of Ukraine, Povetkin publicly supported Putin's aggression:
"Power is in the truth. This well-known phrase, uttered by Sergei Bodrov, today expresses the essence of what is happening in Ukraine. We fought for the truth all these years, while the Slavs were exterminated in the Donbass. Therefore, I am for the president and his decision to stand up for ordinary people, to repulse Nazism, which parasitizes, we know at whose expense, ” - Povetkin wrote on Instagram on February 27, 2022.

The rhetoric in support of the aggression continued. So responding to the statement of the Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk, Povetkin said that Putin "did everything right" by attacking Ukraine. And he added that the same should have been done before.

Accused of:

Public support for the war against Ukraine unleashed by Vladimir Putin. Membership in the party «United Russia», support for the election campaign of Vladimir Putin, connections with the gangster community.

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