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Noskov Oleg


Oligarchs and corrupt officials

Professional field/official position/biography:

A former member of the board of Rossiya Bank

Open sources lack sufficient information on the early life of Oleg Noskov.

Accused of:

Organized crime links.

Oleg Noskov was associated with Gennady Petrov, one of the leaders of the Malyshev organized crime group, he had and probably still has a common business with him and his son, Anton Petrov. He was also a shareholder and member of the board of Rossiya Bank, known as the “Bank of Friends of President Putin.”

Oleg Noskov, along with his son Alexei Noskov and Petrov Jr., were the founders of the Moscow company Capital Plus, which had a subsidiary, Transinvest 2000. According to the SKRIN database, it is associated with the Center for Business Cooperation from Novosibirsk, which owns half of the Left Bank Sand Quarry in the Novosibirsk Region, as well as 18% of the mining and metallurgical enterprise Zabaikalstalinvest. 25% of the enterprise was controlled by Russian Railways. Since 2003, Zabaikalstalinvest belongs to Oleg Deripaska's Basic Element.

In 2008, Fontanka reported that he owned nine companies with Anton Petrov. Noskov previously lived in an elite house on Kamenny Island in St. Petersburg with Gennady Petrov, as well as with other shareholders of the Rossiya Bank and members of the Ozero (Lake) cooperative, the closest circle of Vladimir Putin. Anton Petrov and Oleg Noskov owned the St. Petersburg company Finance and Management. Together with the largest investment and construction group in Russia, the Baltic Construction Company (BSK), it created the Consulting Group Baltic Management Systems and was also a shareholder in the Samara crane manufacturer Sokol, owned by BSK.

As well as other participants in the Tambov-Malyshev gang, Oleg Noskov had lived in Spain before the investigation of the Spanish prosecutor’s office on money laundering by the Russian mafia. The indictment stated that he, like Gennady Petrov himself, had fraudulently acquired a Greek passport.

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