Full name:
Maksimov Alexander


Professional field/official position/biography:

Deputy Chairman of the Nevsky District Court of St. Petersburg.

Alexander Maximov was appointed judge of the Leninsky District Court of St. Petersburg by decree of the President of the Russian Federation # 411 dated August 10, 2015. By presidential decree #540 of September 23, 2018, he was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Nevsky District Court in St. Petersburg.

Accused of:

Carrying out political repressions using his official position.

Judge Maximov on February 7, 2020, sentenced opposition activist Vladimir Ivanyutenko to 3.5 years in a settlement penal colony and fined him 30 thousand rubles in the case of preparing an attempt on the patron of the “troll factory” and PMC Vagner Yevgeny Prigozhin. It is noteworthy that he issued a guilty verdict even though the court proved that Ivanyutenko was the victim of police provocation.

The political activist, who often went to rallies and pickets against the current government, was arrested in February 2019 on suspicion of selling explosives. In the then published videos, it was clear how Ivanyutenko left the bag in the storage boxes of one of St. Petersburg's supermarkets, after which he left the supermarket. The investigation announced that the package contained 365 g of RDX-based explosives, a fire-retardant cord, and two electric detonators. The person to whom Ivanyutenko allegedly handed over explosives, detonators, and cord was kept secret. Vladimir Ivanyutenko claims that the “Ivanov” informant is his friend Georgy Levin. The defendant claims that Levin had repeatedly provoked him into illegal acts, “offered to kill various individuals,” including St. Petersburg anti-LGBT activist Timur Bulatov or businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin. According to Novaya Gazeta, Levin graduated from St. Petersburg University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and until 2004 worked in one of the police departments of the Internal Affairs Directorate in the Frunze district of the city. According to the defense, “Ivanov”-Levin could be specifically introduced into the opposition community of St. Petersburg to provoke Ivanyutenko. At the trial, Olga Borisova, co-chair of the Solidarity opposition movement, testified. She said that on December 27, 2018, she was walking with Ivanyutenko to the metro station after a protest rally, and he said that Levin handed him a bag of explosives or its waxwork. Ivanyutenko eventually agreed with Levin that he would return the package to him through the storage box at the supermarket. The next day, the activist was detained, and two days later arrested on suspicion of selling explosives.

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