Full name:
Akimov Alexander Konstantinovich

Date of Birth:
10 November 1954



Professional field/official position/biography:

Member of the Federation Council, Representative from the legislative body of state power of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) since 2013. Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Federal Structure, Regional Policy, Local Government and Northern Affairs.

Born in 1954 in the village of Kyukyai, Suntar district of the YASSR. In 1976 he graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the Irkutsk Institute of National Economy. After graduating from university, he worked in managerial positions at the Suntarsky state farm. At the same time, he pursued a party career, becoming the first secretary of the Suntar district committee of the Komsomol. Later he became the director of the Toybokhoisky state farm.

In 1983, he became the first secretary of the Regional Committee of the Yakut Komsomol.

In 1989, he defended his PhD thesis on the topic “New in the regional policy of development of the North (using the example of Yakutia)” at the Academy of Social Sciences under the CPSU Central Committee in Moscow.

From 1989 to 1990 he worked as head of the agricultural department of the Yakut regional committee of the CPSU.

In 1990, he became head of the department for economic and social development of the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of the YASSR.
In 1991, he was appointed deputy chairman of the State Committee for Economics of the Yakut-Sakha SSR.

A year later he was appointed Minister of Social Protection, Labor and Employment of Yakutia.

In 1995, he defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic “Regulation of social development of the region in the conditions of the emergence of a market economy” at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation.

In 1997 he became acting and then deputy chairman of the Government of Yakutia.

From 1999 to 2007 he held the positions of first deputy, vice president, and head of the presidential administration of Yakutia.

In 2007, he became the permanent representative of the Republic of Yakutia under the President.

In 2013, he became a senator of the Federation Council from the legislative body of Yakutia.

Accused of:

- Violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. So Akimov was one of the deputies who voted for recognition of the independence of the puppet DPR and LPR, which became the formal reason for the start of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Akimov also voted for bills on the admission of the Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions of Ukraine to the Russian Federation, that is, again for the annexation of the territories of a sovereign state.

For these actions he is under personal sanctions from the EU, UK, Ukraine, USA, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan.

- Voting for repressive, anti-democratic laws. So Akimov, since 2013, while serving as a senator of the Federation Council, voted for the adoption of all laws that infringe on the rights and freedoms of citizens, namely:

- Adoption of the so-called “Yarovaya package” in 2016, that is, a number of legislative acts tightening responsibility for political crimes, obliging telephone operators to store personal correspondence and conversations of citizens, giving the Federal Security Service the right to receive encryption keys for instant messengers. In addition, these bills introduced liability for the so-called. “rehabilitation of Nazism,” which in fact made it possible to prosecute people for “disseminating deliberately false information about the activities of the USSR in the Second World War,” which meant, for example, condemnation of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact, the occupation of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. In the future, a huge number of people will be subject to criminal prosecution on the basis of the adopted “Yarovaya Package”.

- Adoption of the law on “Foreign Agents”, according to which onerous restrictions were imposed on citizens and organizations only because of the fact of receiving funds from other states, in a later edition also for some kind of “foreign influence”. In reality, this article was used for repression against dissidents in cases where it was not possible to initiate a criminal case.

- Introducing criminal liability for “public calls for violation of the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation,” which was used for repression against those who did not agree with the annexation of Crimea.

- Introduction of criminal and administrative liability for participation in the activities of “undesirable organizations.” The recognition of the organization as undesirable, on the basis of this law, occurred without a court decision. For carrying out the activities of this organization, punishment is provided in the form of imprisonment for a term of up to 6 years. In particular, the Free Russia Forum and Open Russia were recognized as such organizations.

- Law on educational activities, prohibiting the free conduct of educational events.

- Introduction to the Criminal Code and the Code of Administrative Offenses of articles on “discrediting the RF Armed Forces” and “fakes about the Russian army.”

- Toughening of the article on high treason, providing for a maximum penalty of imprisonment up to life and equating “switching to the side of the enemy” with high treason, that is, persons who want to resist Putin’s aggression in Ukraine. Later he voted for the introduction of confiscation of property for those convicted under this article.

- Russia’s withdrawal from the Council of Europe and the denunciation of related treaties, which denied Russian citizens access to the European Court of Human Rights.

- Introducing criminal liability for calls for the execution of decisions of international organizations, primarily for calls to implement the decision of the International Criminal Court to arrest Putin.
- Promoting the usurpation of power. So Akimov, while serving as a senator of the Federation Council, voted for amendments to the Constitution that expanded the powers of President Putin and allowed him to hold the post of president for at least another consecutive term.
- Membership in the anti-democratic party “United Russia”. So Akimov has been a member of United Russia for several years. This party is responsible for many years of usurpation of power in the Russian Federation, the adoption of anti-democratic laws, corruption, and violation of the territorial integrity of neighboring states.

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