Full name:
Rumyantsev Dmitry "Frank"

Date of Birth:
11 February 1982



Professional field/official position/biography:

one of the leaders of the CSKA fan movement, former presenter of Tsargrad TV, military propagandist, "PR man" of the “Moscow” special squad of the 106th Airborne Division of the Russian Federation.

Born in 1982 in Moscow, graduated from school in 1998. From an early age he was fan of football and hooliganism, was a member of the fan group "Kids", and then from the age of 17 - of the group "Red-Blue Warriors (RBW)." According to his own statements, in the 1990s he was the owner of "the first fan bar in Russia" - "Ot Vinta", located in the center of Moscow and closed due to threats from the police, dissatisfied with the constant fights of its visitors.

It is difficult to find any other information about his activities during this period of his life in the public space. At the same time, according to the “Anticriminal” police database, in December 2001, Rumyantsev's "full namesake" (his full name, date of birth and location of residence match) "hid from military escort in order to evade military service", after which until January 2005 was wanted under article 328 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Evasion of conscription for military service". The reason for the removal from the search was not specified. It is also known from various databases that during these years this person worked in the food industry (for example, in PepsiCo) and “in the field of entertainment, sports, sports betting and gambling” (Profittradekontrakt LLC and Fiesta LLC), without stopping at any of the places of work for a long time.

From 2017 to 2020, Rumyantsev worked on the Tsargrad TV channel of the oligarch Konstantin Malofeev, where he hosted the Honest Frank program , in which he interviewed a large number of diverse celebrities: from the "veterans" of Russian politics of the 1990-2000s (such as ex-prosecutor Yuri Skuratov, Yeltsin's ex-head of security Alexander Korzhakov, "rebel general" Vladimir Kvachkov) to liberal journalist Andrey Loshak, from tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov to nationalist Dmitry Demushkin, and from freak MP Yevgeny Fedorov to actor and participant in the 2019 protests Pavel Ustinov.

It should be noted that Frank (in his own words) did not have any journalistic background or relevant education before that, that is, it was the work at Tsargrad that became an important milestone in his “media career”. The person who brought him to this propaganda information resource was Andrey Malosolov (also a football fan and also a “native” of RBW, nickname - “Batumsky”, ex-head of the press service of the Russian Football Union, leading propagandist from the Tsargrad TV channel; died in May 2023). It is noteworthy how “Frank” Rumyantsev (who characterizes himself as a “religious believer”, a defender of traditional values, etc.) “thanked” this person: by his own admission (being offended that “Batumsky” was not zealously enough petitioning for a raise salaries for Frank), Frank deliberately set the team against Batumsky, including spreading deliberate slander about him (including to Malosolov’s immediate supervisor), which eventually led to the dismissal of Batumsky from Tsargrad.

In 2020 became content producer at friend PR project of Konstantin Malofeev called “Dvuglavy Orel” ("Two-Headed Eagle"), actively blogs on social networks.

Married, has a son.

Accused of:

Propaganda of the aggressive and predatory war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, as well as direct complicity in the mentioned aggression.

Rumyantsev began professionally promoting Russian aggression against Ukraine even before the full-scale invasion, at least since 2019, when, while working at the pro-Kremlin Tsargrad, he released an interview with another propagandist, Dmitry Steshin. The “keynotes” of this interview were the creation of a “martyr” image around the leader of the Donetsk militants, Alexander Zakharchenko, who was liquidated a few years earlier (and the conviction of the audience that he was killed by the SBU, behind which allegedly stood “mentors from Israel”), in the audience’s minds, as well as promotion of the thesis that Ukrainians’ mentality is supposedly “fully built on Russophobia, hatred of Russians”, and the “Russian world” in 2014 became the “saving of Donbass” from this “Russophobia” and “anti-Russian Maidan” (however, once Steshin “slipped up”, talking about how on the Maidan he was almost hit by a sniper shooting from a government building , which clearly does not fit into the classic propaganda version about the alleged non-involvement of the Yanukovych regime in “snipers in Kiev” case).

With the start of a full-scale invasion in 2022, Dmitry Rumyantsev, as a propagandist, moved to a qualitatively new level, which was primarily facilitated (in addition to the help of the structures of the oligarch Malofeev, for which he worked) by his contacts with "colleagues" in the near-football environment: in particular, for many years he was familiar with another "old" fan of CSKA and a member of RBW - Stanislav "Spaniard" Orlov - the leader of the Española squad, and also Rumyantsev interviewed the notorious militant "Arnie" - a former St. Petersburg football fan who voluntarily took part in the war against Ukraine and was eliminated at the beginning of 2023.

The “qualitatively new level” mentioned above was expressed in the fact that after the formation of the reconnaissance detachment "Moscow" of the 106th division of the Airborne Forces in late 2022-early 2023, Rumyantsev became its "press officer". At the same time, according to him, in addition to the actual functionality of the “press attache”, he was also recruiting representatives of the “near-football” hooligans of this unit, and therefore even considers this unit to be his “brainchild ”.

There is a version that the terrorist “Wagner Group” indirectly played a role in the appearance of “Moscow”: allegedly in the middle of summer 2022, a certain “General of the Airborne Forces” turned to the Spartak fan club with a proposal to create a “fan unit”, and the background of this proposal was his communication with Ratibor (one of the Wagner commanders), who "advertised" to him the units assembled from football hooligans as "the toughest squads." Be that as it may, after the announcement of “partial mobilization” in Russia in September 2022, fan representatives turned to the “leadership of the Airborne Forces” with a request for the possibility of forming their own detachment in the structure of the Airborne Forces, as a result of which the said unit was formed on the basis of the 106th Airborne Division in Naro-Fominsk near Moscow.
For the first time information about the creation of this detachment appeared in the public space in January 2023, and then, according to its representatives, it was a company, and by April 2023, allegedly, “it had grown to the scale of a battalion of 500 people.”

The leadership of the detachment states that it manages to “gather mobilized fans from all over the country” (at the same time, in order to get into the division, any “candidate” needs recommendations from representatives of fan groups) with the help of agreements “at the top”, including with the support of Konstantin’s “Dvuglavy Orel” organization Malofeev (and the "Dvuglavy Orel", in turn, cooperates in this direction with the odious "Union of Volunteers of Donbass"), as well as the sponsorship of this oligarch.

The “Moscow” detachment declares “the absence of migrants from the Caucasus, liberals, communists and antifa”. At the same time, representatives of the detachment consider their former friends from among the Ukrainian nationalists and fans who defend Ukraine from former "Russian colleagues in the near-football" to be "traitors to the Russian world."

If we talk directly about Frank's activities within this division, it is not surprising that it is also most often associated with near-football (for example, organizing support actions within the framework of football matches in Russia), and less often with "musical and subcultural" topics (organizing concerts of various "pro-Z"musical groups, in particular "Ot yunosti moyeya" and "Russkiy Styag ", as well as the events of the former "pro-health" rapper with a dubious reputation - Mikhail "Mavashi").

According to Frank, he also actively interacts with his "European comrades" from among the pro-Putin-minded ultra-rightists - in particular, from Serbia (in particular, with “Crvena Zvezda” fans ), Greece (in particular, with “Olympiacos” fans ), Italy (including the organizers of rallies against the supply of weapons to Ukraine ), Germany, Poland, Belgium, Spain and Latin America.

It should be noted that in his public statements, Rumyantsev repeatedly stated demagogically that he was allegedly fighting “not for the state, but for the Russian people” (obviously, trying to at least somehow “correspond” to his tattoo “I killed the state in myself”), adding at the same time that "to save the lives of the Slavs on both sides, the Russian Federation must defeat Ukraine as quickly as possible ". However, it is not clear from his words how exactly and in what exactly way the full-scale war of conquest of the Russian Federation against Ukraine “helps the Russian people” (as well as exactly how the “Pyrrhic victory” over Ukraine that he speaks about would help the “Russian people”), which does not bother the “near-football propagandist” at all.

Frank regularly lies about the Ukrainian events of 2014, and in particular about some imaginary “burst of Russophobia” (allegedly, moreover, not motivated by anything and even “paid for” by some “evil forces”) on the part of the Ukrainian right – as in relation to the Russians in general, and in relation to Russian nationalists and football fans in particular (despite the facts that Ukraine for many years was a country in which Russian “anti-system activists” were hiding, Russian flags and Russian activists were also present on the Maidan in 2013-14, and the first dead fighter of the Ukrainian "Azov" in 2014 was Muscovite Andrei "Balagan" Grek). However, Rumyantsev often pays “special attention” not so much to Ukrainians themselves as to Russian volunteers fighting on the side of Ukraine in such units as the Russian Volunteer Corps – and in an attempt to discredit them, Frank does not hesitate to spread even the most unscrupulous rumors in the style of “yellow” tabloids.

However, there is reason to believe that this unit (at least at the beginning of July 2023) is another example of "tik-tok troops" (being a "military PR project" by Konstantin Malofeev). This is evidenced by the absence in the information space of "Moscow" (in particular, on its Telegram channel) of any intelligible information about the actual participation of the detachment in hostilities (all content - including "formidable" group photos and videos with weapons in their hands - concerns one way or another, exclusively "rear" activities), and absolutely minimal (one message per six months) information about losses (which are inevitable for any really fighting unit). In addition, according to the information at the disposal of the “Putin’s List” team from the “near-football” environment, in the ranks of this detachment there are ex-fans with a “reputation very far from a fighter’s one”, which also testifies not in favor of the “combat capability” of this unit.
Obviously, the described above disinformation and propaganda activities of Dmitry "Frank" Rumyantsev directly contradict both international law (in particular, Article 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 1966 - on the prohibition of war propaganda), and, at least, criminal the law of the Russian Federation (Article 354 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and Ukraine (Article 436 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), and must receive a proper official legal assessment, with consequences for that person.

Moreover, since Frank himself openly admits that he is essentially a combatant (in particular, calling himself a “military commissar with weapons in his hands ”), he can be considered not only a propagandist, but also a direct accomplice in war crimes committed by the troops of the regime of Vladimir Putin in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

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