Full name:
Kolesnikova Irina


Professional field/official position/biography:

Judge of the Moscow City Court

KOLESNIKOVA, Irina Yuryevna has been a judge of the Moscow City Court since 2007. From November 1995 to October 2007, she was a judge of the Meshchansky District Court of Moscow.

Accused of:

Carrying out political repression using his official position.

Judge Kolesnikova passed politically motivated sentences in criminal cases against Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Platon Lebedev, and other former Yukos executives, including Krainov and Shakhnovsky.

Due to her loyal participation in the Yukos case, Irina Kolesnikova was appointed judge of the Moscow City Court by decree of President Vladimir Putin in September 2007, where she works to date.

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