Full name:
Evseev Ivan


Executors, Law-destroyers

Professional field/official position/biography:

EVSEEV, Ivan Alexeyevich was born in Ufa. He is an investigator of the investigation team of the Main Directorate for the Investigation of Particularly Important Cases of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Senior Lieutenant of Justice.

Accused of:

Carrying out political repression using his official position.

At the end of August 2019, he joined the investigation of criminal cases instituted after the July 27 rally (“The Moscow case”). That is the criminal persecution of the participants of protest rallies in July-August 2019 against the prohibition of independent candidates from running in the elections to the Moscow City Duma.

On August 29, 2019, he examined the video, which serves as a piece of evidence in a criminal case against Aydar Gubaidulin. This examination was carried out with violations of the Code of Criminal Procedure, and the lawyers of the defendant filed a complaint. Despite this, the investigation refused to exclude this examination from the case file.

During the investigation of the criminal case under Art. 212 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on violence against a policeman, he appointed a portrait examination of Gubaidulin as part of the investigation of the case under Art. 318 of the Criminal Code, the initiation of which the defendant was not notified about. Despite the refusal of the defense side to conduct the examination and photographing, the investigation ordered the employees of the temporary detention facility to photograph Gubaidulin for the announced examination.

Investigator Evseev is a typical example of a “law enforcer” who, in the hands of his superiors, has become a blunt instrument of political repression. In future Free Russia, the lustration of governmental officials cleanses investigative bodies of such zealous performers as Evseev.

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