Full name:
Budilo Nikolai


Professional field/official position/biography:

Investigator, Department of the Central Federal District of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

BUDILO, Nikolai Nikolaevich was born in 1977 in the Bryansk region. He oversaw the investigation of the politically motivated case against the managers of the Hermitage Fund and their lawyers in the Bryansk region. The case against them was opened in response to their allegations of corruption in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He unreasonably dismissed all Hermitage's complaints during the investigation.

In 2012, the “M” Office of the FSB of Russia prepared a submission for the removal of the investigator Budilo from his duties in connection with the facts of corruption in the investigation of the BTA Bank in Russia.

According to the materials of the submission, investigator Budilo “made unofficial contact with representatives of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Prosyankin, member of the board of BTA_Bank JSC, bank representative in Russia, legal adviser Pavlov, former head of the bank’s representative office in Moscow, a witness in the Khazhaev case, and receives financial compensation from them, commits illegal actions in the interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan.”

In 2014, he investigated the case of the nationalist Belov-Potkin. Allegedly, it was open after Belov-Potkin’s refusal to collaborate with the Kremlin and to take part in the propaganda campaign against Ukraine.

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