US and Canada extend Russia sanctions following G7 statement

The US has added the following to its Russia sanctions (press release) following the G7 statement on Ukraine (previous post, press release):

  • OFAC has added 22 individuals and 104 entities (notice) to its targeted sanctions, with touchpoints in more than 20 countries;
  • OFAC has made a determination that identifies the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and transportation sectors of the Russian economy pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 14024, allowing for sanctions to be imposed on any individual or entity determined to operate or have operated in any of those sectors;
  • OFAC determination pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 14071 prohibiting the exportation or sale from the US, or by a US person, wherever located, of architecture services or engineering services to any person located in Russia;
  • The State Dept has identified as blocked, property belonging to almost 200 individuals and entities, including vessels and aircraft (press release);
  • The U.S. Dept of Commerce is expanding the territorial reach and categories covered by its export controls and adding 71 entities to its Entity List to prevent Russia from accessing goods; and
  • FinCEN and BIS issued a joint supplemental alert urging continued vigilance for potential Russian export control evasion. This builds on FinCEN and BIS’s first joint alert, issued in June 2022, and provides financial institutions additional information with respect to new BIS export control restrictions relating to Russia.

OFAC designations include:

  • a Liechtenstein-based alleged Russian intelligence services procurement network, including Trade Initiative Establishment, IGT Intergestions Trust Reg, and the Liechtenstein national, Pascal Dominik Buechel;
  • a Netherlands-based alleged Russian intelligence services procurement network, allegedly led by the procurement agent, Edwin Onno Van Ingen, a Dutch national, and his companies, Pro Rata Solutions B.V., Delta Technical and Scientific Instruments B.V.;
  • additional individuals and entities tied to the already-sanctioned Radioavtomatika procurement network, including Czech-based Versvet SRO, and Russian nationals Pavel Viktorovich Akifyev, and Svetlana Yuryevna Verkhovtseva and their companies;
  • 12 entities and 2 associated individuals that comprise the Ostec Group, which imports and distributes quantum and semiconductor technologies to Russian defence entities, and Poland-based freight company Inter-Trans Spolka z Ograniczona Odpowiedzialnoscia (Inter-Trans), and Germany-based freight forwarder Belmagistralavtotrans Speditions GmbH (BMA Spedition), which have allegedly facilitated shipments of electronic components and other goods bound for Ostec Group companies;
  • Finland-Based Technology Transfer Network, including Koneisto International Oy (Koneisto), a technology company that offers clients computer components, laboratory equipment, surveillance and security equipment, and metal processing machinery;
  • Estonia-Based Technology Transfer Company, Elmec Trade OU, which has allegedly shipped U.S.-manufactured electronic components to Russian companies;
  • more than 30 Russia-based technology and electronics importers, several Russian energy investment, educational, and research institutions, Russian drilling and mining equipment companies;
  • Financial services entities, including Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)-headquartered Huriya Private FZE LLE (Huriya), and its Irish CEO, John Desmond Hanafin, and Cyprus- and Hong Kong-based subsidiaries, Huriya Private Cyprus Ltd and Gold Miles Limited, and Switzerland-headquartered DuLac Capital Ltd (DuLac Capital); and
  • the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation (SVR).

Canada has (notice):

  • amended the Special Economic Measures (Russia) Regulations to add 17 individuals and 18 entities said to be linked to Russian companies that provide military technology and know- how to Russia’s armed forces, family members of listed persons; and
  • listed 30 individuals and 8 entities allegedly involved in Russia’s ongoing human rights violations, including the transfer and custody of Ukrainian children in Russia.
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