Russian gay family in controversial supermarket advert flees to Spain after threats

They were targeted after appearing in a supermarket advert that was withdrawn and replaced with one showing a heterosexual family.

A lesbian family who featured in a supermarket advertisement in Russia has fled to Spain after receiving abuse and death threats.

The ad for VkusVill showed mother Yuma, her daughters Alina and Mila, and Alina’s girlfriend alongside the slogan “recipes for family happiness”.

Russia’s “gay propaganda” laws meant it was accompanied by an 18+ warning. Gay marriage and adoption by gay couples is illegal in Russia.

Its publication in late June led to a backlash from conservative groups and some customers, and the company withdrew it after a few days.

VkusVill’s boss apologised and said it had “hurt the feelings of a large number of our customers, employees, partners and suppliers”.

It replaced the advert with one of a heterosexual family – which in turn led to criticism from other groups, who accused the company of cowardice and hypocrisy.

The abuse and threats towards the family continued and daughter Mila posted this week that they are now in Barcelona.

“Unfortunately, because of this difficult situation with VkussVill, we were left without work and without a home,” she posted on Instagram – alongside a photo of herself on a balcony.

Mila asked for help finding a job and getting her family settled in Barcelona: ​​”We have a difficult time and we need friends,” she wrote.

Her mother Yuma thanked supporters in another Instagram post and said the family was “safe and resting”.

“A huge thank-you to those who supported us, to those who risked speaking out in our support, and those who supported us personally.

“Thanks to you, we didn’t give in.

“For all of us this was a difficult experience, we’re all in a difficult state of mind. But the sea, sun and kindness are healing us.”

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