Twenty-Five Whales of Pro-Kremlin Propaganda

The whole assortment of hundreds and thousands of pro-Kremlin propaganda stories in Belarus revolves around a dozen original storylines. A new iSANS report breaks down propaganda statements into distinct narratives.

Day after day, Russian national television stations, big news and multimedia agencies, and dozens of smaller pro-Kremlin sites churn out hours of audio and video and dozens to hundreds of stories about Belarus.

Targeting a Belarusian audience, these pro-Kremlin resources also communicate distinctively about events in other countries.

At first glance, it would seem that hundreds and thousands of propaganda stories, interspersed with neutral news and information, are promoting an untold number of jumbled statements. This is partly true. Even very close messages from two different sources may differ slightly and have their own traces.

However, even with their myriad shades, virtually the total of pro-Kremlin propaganda in Belarus revolves around a dozen of the same storylines.


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